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Angelina Barton

Breast Augmentation

´Nu Cosmetic definately hold your hand along the whole process. The support is there!´

Angelina Barton is from England. She recently took some time out to share her thoughts and experiences with us on breast augmentation. ‘Do research and do not jump in´ was the first piece of advice that she had to offer. With any cosmetic procedure it is as much a mental preparation as a physical one. Knowing the process that is involved with your cosmetic surgery is a key point in the preparation for your journey.

´It is important to go with a company that you ´click´ with in order to feel more comfortable and confident´ said Angelina. Reinforcing her belief that the communication process is of utmost importance. ´Nu Cosmetic clinic excel in this. If you even feel slightly unsure of a surgeon, then they can arrange another consultation with a member of their team.´

She believes that to properly prepare, you must be 100% happy with your choice of procedure, breast size, surgeon and location. ‘Breast augmentation is not like Botox. It is a procedure which involves a permanent insertion. It is possible to reverse it, but it is quite difficult.´

Angelina was greatly impressed by Nu Cosmetic clinics personal approach. ´They hold your hand and give you support. No question is too silly.´ This is why she believes that they provide you with the best service possible.



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