Are You a Candidate for a Buttock Implant or a Bottom Lift?
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Are You a Candidate for a Buttock Implant or a Bottom Lift?

Most people take aging difficult to comprehend, but the fact is that gravity is working against us. Thanks to cosmetic surgery, we are able to slow this process down and enjoy our youth and all its privileges longer.


Considering that most of our confidence comes from the way we look, it’s not at all difficult to understand why we don’t hesitate when it comes to making a correction here and there.


One of the more popular corrections worldwide is being done in the gluteal area. It doesn’t really matter if your organism simply can’t produce enough fat for you to spread it around in your curves by working out, or you have troubles with getting your shape back after childbirth – either way, you have safe options to achieve the exact appearance you desire.


Buttock Augmentation


What is the difference between a buttock implant and a bottom lift?


This is a problem which many women who wear a two to four size dress have. If your body can’t generate enough fat because of your genetics, you are the perfect candidate for a bottom implant. On the other hand, if you’re unsatisfied with the way your body fat is deployed, you can solve your problems by getting a bottom lift.


Bottom Lift Procedure


Problems with loose skin may appear for many different reasons – maybe you have just experienced dramatic weight loss, perhaps you’re a young mom and your body changed after you gave a birth or you’re simply career-oriented and there’s not enough time for working out.


None of those should be the reason to feel uncomfortable with yourself. If a bottom lift procedure is what you need to be happier, than that’s exactly what you should do. The procedure itself varies from body to body, because we’re all different, but it comes down to a few cuts. Depending on your issue, your surgeon will make an incision in your hips, the top of your buttocks, your groin or the bottom of your cheeks – whichever they find appropriate to your body type and the expectations you have. By making that incision, they can remove any extra skin you might have and pull the remaining part, so it gets that elastic firm look you desire.


Additionally, liposuction drains and dressings are made if that’s what’s necessary for you to get the perfect rear. Liposuction may be used to balance out your buttock area and tights, in order to achieve natural contours and curves. If there’s any swelling, supplementary dressings and drains are introduced, so your skin is tightened.


buttock lift


Buttock Implant Procedure


The shape of your body plays the leading role here, which is why it’s very important to consult your surgeon about any questions and desires you might have. However, the next few pointers will guide you through the procedure so you know what to expect.


So, whether your body has an A-shape, V-shape, a round or square shape, the contents of your implants will definitely be silicone – it’s a one-piece implant that cannot leak or break. The shape of an implant may be round or oval, and it’s up to your surgeon and you to decide which one will be appropriate.


The next step is determining the type of incision. There are three different types – the top of both sides, bottom in both of the gluteal creases or the center of your sacrum. Deciding for one of these options will have a direct effect on your scaring, but with appropriate care and medicaments, every kind of scar can be almost eradicated and quite difficult to see.


Buttock Augmentation-Brazilian Butt Lift


The final dilemma is about whether you want liposuction included or not. By placing implants into your gluteal are, your back will definitely get a more attractive appearance, but some surgeons tend to combine implants with liposuction in order to extract any extra fat, so your buttocks appear firm as if you have been working out for years.


Both of these procedures will require from you to enable yourself two to three weeks of recovery time. During this time, you need to take it slow and make sure you have someone around to help you. If you experience any discomfort or excessive pain you weren’t warned about, it’s very important to contact your surgeon immediately. Nevertheless, when this is all over, you will finally have those wonderful curves you always wanted, so be careful and patient.

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