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The Benefits Of A FUE Hair Transplant

Are you based in Newcastle and suffering from hair loss?

Appearances do make a difference, whether we like it or not; and one of the most significant parts of our look is our hair.

The gene for hair loss is on the X chromosome, which means it’s mostly handed down by your mother. However, research suggests that men who have a bald father are also likely to develop male pattern baldness. Stress can also exacerbate hair loss, although studies show it doesn’t cause it alone.

For men, having a full head of hair makes a huge difference. Sadly, many men begin to lose their flowing locks in their twenties, which can significantly affect your self-esteem. Unfortunately, one in seven men have genetic variants that put them at risk of balding.

Why have a FUE hair transplant?

Are you interested in fue hair transplant in Newcastle, NU Cosmetics offer a number of cosmetic procedures, including hair transplants.

Our FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplants are a proven and popular treatment, ideal for anybody who is thinning or balding.

Our skilled and experienced hair transplant surgeons will give you an extremely natural look. The results of a FUE hair transplant are permanent, but we also have special products for those who don’t want surgery.

Discover more our FUE hair transplants in Newcastle.

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