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Considering The Benefits Of Hair Transplant Surgery?

Was your crowning glory a thick crop of hair?

If your hair is now nothing but a memory, NU Cosmetic Clinic offer a way to reclaim your locks in this year. Find out hair transplant prices, book your free consultation.

We offer hair transplant surgery for both women and men, that offers natural looking and long-lasting results. This is an incredibly effective procedure for anybody suffering from baldness or thinning hair, and unlike hair loss shampoos, guarantees tangible results.

While this procedure is still relatively rare, it has been steadily growing in popularity, particularly since Wayne Rooney had the surgery a few years ago.

Despite the claims for herbal supplements and head massages, Androgenetic Alopecia (or male pattern baldness) is the primary cause for hair loss for around 95% of men. This genetic condition is a result of the male hormone Dihydrotestosterone, which causes specific follicles to reduce and produce hair with a shorter life span. Unfortunately, this means that there’s little, if anything, that can be done to prevent it.

In classic male pattern baldness, it is usual to see hair loss around the crown area, which extends to the hairline and temples, then the mid-anterior scalp. However, it varies from individual to individual.

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