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Considering Hair Transplant Surgery in Liverpool?

Hair transplant surgery might seem drastic but it’s actually less dramatic than you might think.

You might have heard about Wayne Rooney having a hair transplant, after going bald at age 25. Understandably he wanted to regain his hair, as did Dancing on Ice judge Jason Gardiner, who also had a transplant after feeling like his head was a ‘barren wasteland’. He explained how, as a young man he was blessed with a thick head of brown hair and was shocked when he lost it at age 32.

Although it’s often not spoken about, losing your hair at any age can be extremely traumatic. Having a full head of hair keeps us looking young and feeling confident, and many people don’t feel like the same person after losing their hair.

At NU Cosmetic Clinic, we help all sorts of people in Liverpool undergo hair transplant surgery.

Liverpool’s most famous export, The Beatles, were renowned for their thick mops of hair. At NU Cosmetic Clinic we offer a FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant that, unlike other invasive FUT procedures, doesn’t require strips of stiches after surgery.

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