Best Foot Forward - Eliminating Fungal Nail
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Best Foot Forward – Eliminating Fungal Nail

Nu Cosmetic clinics offer more than just cosmetic surgery procedures. They are also available to address and treat medical issues such as ´fungal nail.´ Neil recently visited one of our clinics to have laser treatment by our laser specialist, June Clements.


June described the condition of fungal nail as being caused by fungus and bacteria on the nail plate and within the nail bed. It is relatively common and in more serious cases, it can cause discoloration and breaking of the nail, leading to pain and discomfort.


Long pulse laser treatment targets the nail plate straight into the bed. The localised heat destroys the source of the problem within the nail, while treatment to the surrounding foot skin ensures that the problem is completely resolved.



The course of treatment is normally spread over 4-8 sessions depending upon the severity of the case. Laser heat is applied in a circular notion for around five times to every nail. The results can vary from each patient depending on the advancement of the fungal growth and the thickness of the nail.


Aftercare advice suggests to  avoid picking / scratching the nail area, and applying Aloe Vera gel several times per day. Clean socks and shoes (which can also be disinfected) will ensure the fungus cannot re-grow again after the treatment is completed. You can watch the case study of Neil´s treatment here.

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