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´I have eliminated those lines on my face which made me look tired and old!´

Charles is a 38 year old Journalist from Glasgow, Scotland. In July he started to undergo a series of ´facial rejuvenation´ procedures with Nu Cosmetic clinic at their Liverpool branch. “I was the wrong side of thirty, and although I was happy with the rest of my appearance, I had tell-tale lines forming around my forehead, but more importantly, the two vertical lines between my eye brows were making me look older (and angry). I did not want a dramatic change, just to freshen up my skin, but more importantly, to minimise these lines.”

Previously, Charles had attempted glycolic peels, and most of the high end skin moisturising treatments. It was when a friend commented on how these lines were “making him look angry” that he chose to have them more professionally dealt with. “I was aware of Nu Cosmetic, as a friend had her lips done. I also saw that they were shortlisted for the Juice FM style awards. After looking at their website, and reading the positive feedback, I decided to meet with the consultant for more information.”

Charles met with Jane, our cosmetic nurse for his consultation. After examining Charles, Jane decided that a combination of Botox and Fillers (Juvederm) would be the best and most natural option. Botox works by redistributing the forces in the face, it is necessary to “balance them” by applying Botox in all the main three areas (forehead, eyes and between the eyebrows). In the case of Charles, static lines were still present at the Glabella, the area between the eyebrows, sometimes referred to as “11s” due to their appearance as two thick vertical lines. So after consultation the decision was made to add in a soft hyaluronic acid filler (Juvederm).

Treating the glabella requires caution as it is possible to cause permanent damage due to occluding the blood supply. It is important to place the product at the correct depth using a steady injection technique, observing for any blanching that could indicate occlusion of blood vessels.

Both treatments were conducted simultaneously at the Liverpool clinic (collectively, within 1 hour.) A series of injections were placed around the key areas of facial ageing, plus additional filler injections on the most severe lines in the centre of his forehead. There was no additional ´down time´ for this procedure, apart from removing any excessive pen markings from the skin points that had to be treated, and ensuring any swelling was minimised. Many people nowadays can have Botox on their lunch hour and return to work after.

The aftercare package put in place by Nu Cosmetic stated that Charles had to try and keep moving his facial muscles (deep frowning) for several hours after, to assist the Botox in redistributing. The middle area where Charles had received fillers was to be softly massaged several times an hour for the rest of the day. A recommendation for the procedure to be repeated 2-3 times a year was noted, as the injections have a limited performance time, and these should be up kept to maintain a permanent smoothing condition.

“Everything from the consultation to the procedure, the aftercare and the end result have been truly excellent. I was worried about dozens of painful injections which would leave my face swollen, or even worse, to have a male “duck face” which I had seen before, and it was not a good look. I can honestly say that right now, I look and feel amazing, and as I was told several times, younger!” The best part of the experience for Charles was the ongoing communication and the end result he achieved from Nu Cosmetic clinic, Liverpool.


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