Cosmetic Surgery: The Latest Trend - Belly Button Removal
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Cosmetic Surgery: The Latest Trend – Belly Button Removal

People are now getting having their belly buttons surgically removed. Umbilicoplasty, sometimes referred to as “belly button surgery”, is a plastic surgery procedure to modify the appearance of one’s navel (or “belly button”). It may be performed as part of a tummy tuck or lower body lift operation, or it may be performed alone.


Belly Button Removal


The candidates typically choose the surgery because they dislike how their naval looks. They may have a protruding or inverted naval, which they may wish to change. Their navel may be as it was from birth, or it may have changed due to unrelated surgery, such as a Caesarian section.


Belly Button Removal2


Another fairly common reason is because of dramatic weight loss or pregnancy, which can change the shape of a belly button. Some may have experienced weight gain, weight loss, or pregnancy, causing changes to the shape of the navel. Cosmetic surgeons concede that women between 35–45 years of age opting for tummy-tucks and liposuctions to get rid of the flab constitute nearly 25% of their practice.


So,what does it look like when an ´innie´ becomes an outie? Well, here is is, and this also looks like the trend of things to come.


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