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Craig Wilde


´Thank you Nu Cosmetic Clinic, for bringing the ‘Harley Street’ experience to the rest of the UK!´

Craig Wilde is an established media professional. From television presenter and character actor, to voiceover and events host, his effervescent career spanning decades has seen him work with some of the finest companies and events in the world, MTV and BBC to name a few.

Craig is very proactive on social media with a following of over 90,000 follows on Twitter and Facebook. His latest project titled ´What´s All The Fuss About´ allows his digital entourage to follow his health and fitness regime through his video blogs for reviews on beauty, cosmetics, health and fitness on YouTube and Vimeo.

Craig recently came into our Newcastle clinic for a skin analysis and Botox treatment because he felt he ´needed to be ¨freshened up¨ a little for his public image´. He was dealt  with by Dr Dutta, our consultant / specialist who dealt with the procedure at his local branch.

Craig was greeted at the door before being taken to Dr Dutta, who talked through his background, the procedure and his expectations leaving him confident and reassured, that he was in the best hands.

´You hear nightmare stories of people getting Botox and other procedures in Hair Salons and the like. My health and wellbeing is paramount to me, and I would only ever consider getting treatments in a qualified settings. Dr Dutta has more qualifications than anyone I have ever met. He has a great personality and is an extremely qualified professional!´

Nu Cosmetic clinic in Newcastle is centrally located, just 5 minutes from the City Centre and is well appointed and located within a grand converted building.

´Many of my viewers on Bingo Studio Live and the Live Tv Web show I do each week have been following my progress, and they have all been curious about Botox and what it can do. I have enjoyed the experience and have been fielding questions from the viewers and players all week, from the size of the needles used ( incidentally the finest needs a 34 – made in South Korea are only used in his clinic, Dr Dutta informed me); to the way the treatment affects the face and how long it works and lasts. I´ve had a brilliant response.´

Craig concluded the interview by saying ´Thank you once again for arranging everything with Nu Cosmetic clinic – and thank you Nu Cosmetic Clinics, for bringing the ‘Harley Street’ experience to the rest of the UK!’ before he went into the studio to record his latest serving of showbiz to the delight of his audience.


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