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´Now, I´m having coffee, feeling as fresh as a daisy and I’m going to get the lot done!´

We treat every type of person, from every walk of life and every corner of the United Kingdom at Nu Cosmetic clinic(s). So, when we see a familiar face from the television, it always makes us feel that little bit more special.

Crissy Rock, known affectionately to most of us as Janey York from her appearances in hit ITV series Benidorm, is an award winning actress, comedienne and best-selling author. She has graced our screens from every angle; International film festivals and reality shows to award winning television and film roles.

Spending most of her professional life under the stage and media spotlight, Crissy knows only too well the importance of having a polished professional appearance, for that extra ´confidence´ value.

Recently, Crissy visited Nu Cosmetic clinic, quaintly located at the ´Old Vicarage´ in the centre of Newcastle (accompanied by friend and Nu Cosmetic client, Craig Wilde) for a full consultation followed by a treatment of Botox and injectable fillers with our Dr Dutta.

Captivating the entire clinic with her sparkling personality and witty anecdotes, Crissy enjoyed a full morning full of our consultations and treatments;

¨I came in here with a scar that took 98 stitches. Dr Dutta put a product into them that made them go. I can´t believe it! I´m absolutely ecstatic! I´ve also had a little bit of Botox and I didn’t feel a thing.¨

Crissy, like thousands of our clients, have placed their faith in Nu Cosmetic clinic in their quest to attain their ´Nu You´ and have come out not only with an enviable result, but also with that extra confidence boost.

In addition to having just launched her latest book, you can watch Crissy return to our screens later on this year as she begins filming in Spain in autumn. She will also return to our clinics early next year as she told us ¨Now, I´m having coffee, feeling  as fresh as a daisy and I’m going to get the lot done!¨  So watch this space as Crissy Rock goes on her journey with Nu Cosmetic clinic.





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