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Donna Clancy

Laser Thread Vein Removal

´No more hiding my thread veins. I love flaunting my legs now.´

Donna Clancy is from Warrington. She recently underwent thread vein removal treatment with Nu Cosmetic clinic.´My friends had all recommended Nu Cosmetic clinic to me. I had a short red vein on my leg which was quite noticeable and I wanted it to be removed.

With the summer months making a welcome return, Donna desired to wear shorter skirts and shorts, but she was also very conscious about the prominent vein. She met with one of Nu Cosmetic clinic´s laser consultants who assessed the vein (to be a thread vein and not a varicose vein). Donna was happy to be treated by Jane, as several of her friends have used her laser speciality for hair and vein removal. ´Jane had a great record of results. If she can treat a facial area without damage, then I am confident in a leg area.´

During the consultation, Donna was given a medical and patient review to identify her medications, allergies and lifestyles before going into the laser room to see the equipment.´ Jane was really chatty and put me at ease. The laser room was not as formal as I expected, but still really professional and impressive.

Jane advised that the thread vein removal would take 3-4 laser treatments. Some pain may (possibly) be felt treating the vein directly, but this was not the case with Donna. ´I knew it was a good idea to come to Nu Cosmetic as it is comfortable and professional. The people are really friendly and nice to speak to. I have just had my first treatment and I am looking forward to the rest.´


Watch Donna’s Testimonial Here.

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