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FUT Hair Transplant For Women


Overview of FUT Hair Transplant:

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is a boon for all those women who have been experiencing extreme hair thinning that can lead to bald spots. This is a safe, uncomplicated and painless treatment to achieve natural and healthy hair growth that can be enjoyed forever.

About 50% of the women in the world suffer from hair loss. While it is normal to lose about 100 hairs per day, anything above that will be considered as unnatural hair loss. This can happen due to many reasons such as ageing, genetics, thyroid conditions, skin disorders of the scalp, certain medications and hormonal imbalances. When it happens, it takes away your confidence and your peace of mind too. In such cases FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is one of the safest alternatives to get back all that hair you have lost and enjoy healthy hair growth forever.

What is FUT?

Follicular Unit Transplantation or FUT is a technique of hair transplantation that can enable thousands of grafts to be transplanted within just one session. This works very well for women who have lost a large amount of hair.  During the procedure, a long thin strip of tissues is removed from the donor area, which is usually the back of your head, where the hair growth is said to be continuous. From this strip, follicular units are dissected under a high-power stereo microscope. These are then transplanted on to the recipient area in order to restore hair growth.

Why choose FUT?

fut hair transplant for womenHair loss, if not treated within time can lead to drastic results. Oils, creams and medications may or may not improve this condition and even if they do, the results may be temporary.

However, in case of Follicular Unit Transplantation you can achieve a continuous hair growth, and enjoy healthy hair over time. Moreover,   there is no side effects or complications and is absolutely painless. The results that you can achieve through FUT are completely natural, with every new hair matching with your existing hair in terms of texture, color as well as shape.

Benefits of FUT

  • More hair grafts in less time: Unlike FUE, FUT doesn’t extract hair follicles individually. Also, the transplantation is done in units of 1, 2, 3 or 4. Therefore more number of hair grafts can be transplanted within one session.
  • Natural results: The hair follicles that are transplanted are from your ownhair , which means the results that you achieve will look absolutely natural.
  • Can you help achieve high density of healthy hair: Although it may take about 12 to 18 months for you to experience the complete results of FUT, you are sure to achieve a healthy hair growth if you follow all the instructions given by your doctor, appropriately
  • Absolutely safe: FUT doesn’t involve the use of any drugs or chemicals, apart from local anaesthetic that is applied to make the process a painless and a comfortable one. Therefore there are no side effects or complications.
  • Fast Recovery: Although there will be a few sutures on your donor area, you should start healing very soon. Also, the incisions that are made in the recipient area are tiny enough to help you recover within just one or two days.
  • Minimal Scarring: Advanced technology and absolute care while carrying out the FUT procedure ensures minimal scarring in your donor area. As your hair starts growing back the scar will become unnoticeable.

The FUT procedure

  • The hair in the donor area is trimmed up to a length of 1mm and  local anesthetic is applied on it.
  • Then a thin single strip of tissues is removed from the donor area using a precision tool.
  • Follicular unit grafts are dissected from this strip under a high-powered microscope while the donor area is covered with absorbable sutures. Sorting and storing of these hair follicles will be done in units of 1, 2, 3 and 4 as required.
  • The recipient area is then smeared with the local anesthetic. Tiny incisions are then created so as to insert the grafts that are prepared
  • The last step is to place these grafts inside the incisions, taking care to follow the direction and positioning of the existing hair, perfectly. Hair units of 1 and 2 hairs are used for the frontal hair line and those with 3 and 4 are used for the central hairline.

Try and follow the instructions given by your surgeon carefully over the next few days. This will ensure that you will heal well without any complications and you will be on your way to achieve the results that you desire. If need be, the surgeon may ask you to come for another session if the results are not as expected.

The Results of FUT

If you follow the instructions of your surgeon properly, you will start seeing the exact results that you want to achieve. In about two weeks or so, you may come across some amount of hair fall from the transplanted area. However, you need not panic. Fresh hair will start growing out of the transplanted hair follicles within a period of three to four months. This will be a continuous growth that will go on forever. In about a year and a half you should start enjoying healthy hair all over your scalp.

Side Effects of FUT

FUT or Follicular Unit Transplantation is quite a safe surgery which doesn’t involve any side effects apart from some amount of itching or swelling. Even these are very temporary and will start fading away in about two to three days. Infection or bleeding if any is very rare and might occur only in cases where the patient does not follow the surgeon’s instructions properly. It is better to report such conditions to your doctor immediately so that proper action can be taken within time.