Karen Kormoss
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Karen Kormoss

Botox Treatment

´I have eliminated all those fine lines that gave away my age!´

Karen lives and works in Merseyside. She recently undertook an anti-wrinkle treatment (Botox) to remove lines and signs of aging from her skin. The package included an analysis of her skin along with routing mole growth assessments.

´All of my friends had Botox and they looked fabulous´ Karen explained as her initial motivation. Several times, Nu Cosmetic was mentioned for their results and quality of care, so for me it was a natural choice.

Karen had a consultation at the clinic in Liverpool city centre, which helped her to decide on the treatment ´They were very helpful on a 1-1 basis.´ She found the staff to be very attentive and made her feel less nervous about the treatment.

´I got on the bed and had the treatments. It was not as half as painful as I had imagined.´ This was certainly positive news for Karen, given her initial fears of a painful procedure.

The aftercare she received was also equally as thorough. After the procedure, she was given a full explanation of what to expect with Botox, along with timescales and when she would see a real result.

The after effects of Botox were certainly as promised. The treatment left Karen with a smoother, more youthful face and more confidence. ´I would recommend Nu Cosmetic clinic to anyone and certainly have it done again.

Watch Karen’s Testimonial Here.

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