Kellie Askew
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Kellie Askew

Laser Hair Removal

´I love this freedom, no more hassles of waxing & shaving!´

Kellie Askew is a model and dancer from the City of Liverpool. She recently underwent a treatment of Botox and then laser hair removal at Nu Cosmetic´s Rodney Street clinic. ´I went with a friend for company, and I remember thinking how nice the clinic was.´ Her Botox treatment was well received with excellent, natural results. However, it was the laser hair removal procedures that had biggest impact on Kellie.

Because she had a darker, courser hair, a recommendation of six laser treatments was recommended (with the option to increase or decrease the sessions depending upon the final result.) ´I did some initial research on the internet, but the recommendation was mainly through friends. I had seen these results for myself.´

Various examples of treatments and testimonials alongside a no obligation consultancy led Kellie to have the procedure performed. Initially, she was a little embarrassed about having her bikini area treated, but was put at ease by the relaxed atmosphere and excellent communication with the staff.

´The nurse explained that as it was a new treatment for me, it may have felt a little uncomfortable, due to some sensitivity or a little anxiety that I had. This was not the case. It was a little sensitive, but nothing like what I had expected.´

For Kellie, all of the advantages of the treatment were there. Being a creative professional (dancer) she is used to having her body on display, and good maintenance leads to added confidence. She affirms that these treatments have certainly given her this. Would she recommend Nu Cosmetic? Absolutely; ´As soon as you walk through the door, you´re made to feel welcome. Other clinics made me feel self-conscious, but not this one.´

Kellie is now approaching the end of her treatments, and we are delighted to be making recommendations for other possibilities we can offer.

 Watch Kellie’s Testimonial Here.

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