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Eye Bag Removal & Eyelid Surgery in Liverpool Clinic

Overview about Blepharoplasty – Eye Bag Removal & Eyelid Surgery in Liverpool Clinic

Blepharoplasty is the procedure referred to surgical correction of upper or lower eyelids, ‘eye bag’ appearance is the most common abnormality around the lower eyelids in men and women.  Similarly, the abnormalities related with the upper eyelids are identified with folds and wrinkles. Whether the abnormality is about wrinkles or folds in the upper eyelid region or about the eye bags found under the lower eyelids, the apparent cause is the formation of excess skin which is further occupied by fat and tissues of no real significance. At our Liverpool Clinic, we recommend Blepharoplasty for abnormal presentation or eyelids with wrinkles and eye bags which has better success rate than few other options like creams and lotions which are not supported by credible scientific evidence.

Eyebag-surgery1Your purpose of looking for wrinkle smoothers and dermal fillers is mostly driven by the desire to cosmetically fill deeper lines and wrinkles. Most of the skin wrinkle treatments are also targeted to achieve the overall face lift because facial impression is the key for pleasant personality from the beauty and fitness angle. But, the objective of Blepharoplasty is more confined and targeted for correcting eye bag impressions as well as the wrinkles which is also a surgical procedure. This procedure has its own relevance in being effective, targeted and long lasting in its impact.

Significance of Eye Bag Removal and Eyelid Surgery 

  • You cannot boast of your beauty with uneven and unimpressive facial appearance, having eye bags and unwanted wrinkles around your eyelids result in a very negative impression from the point of view of cosmetology and beauty enhancement.
  • Both men and women consider these conditions to be deterrent and cause of disappointment, if not worry. You will always have a stressed out and tired notion that can have a lot of emotional consequences that are not desirable.
  • The nature of these conditions is such that they would become more prominent with time and for this reason an early consultation and subsequently seeking corrective measures is recommended.
  • Cosmetology broadly deals with corrective and reconstructive procedures that are predominantly surgical, though the relevance of non surgical procedures can’t be completely ruled out.
  • In this context, the treatment prospects for creating a renewed facial impression and appeal by masking or correctively removing eye bags and wrinkles are more with surgical options. Blepharoplasty is the choice of treatment we recommend at our Liverpool Clinic for your eyelid rejuvenation.

Relevant details about the procedure      

When you opt for Eye Bag removal and Eyelid Surgery at our center for cosmetic care at Liverpool, we will take you through a methodical process of consultation, overall health assessment with focus on your eyesight followed by treatment planning and surgery. Based on the physical examination, our experts will recommend if the procedure for upper and lower eyelids can be done simultaneously or if it requires separate sittings. In normal circumstances, it can be simultaneously done and in any case you will be explained about the feasibility and limitations in detail based on which you can provide your consent. As part of the procedure, tiny incisions are made at the target region and the excess skin is surgically removed which is followed by the reconstruction process. This process may take around ninety minutes and it can vary from one person to another. You can be prepared for a two or three hour process which includes post surgery observation and orientation. The whole procedure is performed under the anesthesia and sedative effect; it is perceived to be safe and secured under normal circumstances.

eyesThe objective of performing Blepharoplasty is to help you to retain or revive your younger appearance and an impression that is different from being stressed out with tiredness, instead it is meant to provide you with a fresh face with rejuvenated eyelids. Once the procedure is done, you may need to wait for around a week’s time to overcome certain reactions that are common because of the nature of surgery. You may have swollen eyes with watering effect along with certain temporary visual impairments; these conditions may last for few days after the procedure. You can get back to your routine schedules in about ten days time after the maintenance phase which is mostly meant for taking rest and during this phase you need to be alert so that you can notify any abnormalities to our experts without any delay. You are advised to attend a follow-up session before you resume your normal day to day activities.

Risk factors and considerations 

  • The risks, complications and side effects of this procedure are mostly related to the surgery and are not exclusive to Blepharoplasty. However, all the necessary caution and precautions will be taken by our experts to avoid complications, if any.
  • All our surgeons and experts at Liverpool Clinic are known for adhering to stringent patient consent norms and therefore you can be rest assured about proper consultation and counseling which includes briefing you about the nature of therapy and complications to anticipate.
  • All the surgery related side effects are clinically well managed and there are no common adverse reactions that imply long term disorders.
  • Though there is no upper age limit for you to consider this surgery, it is better to undergo the same as soon as you observe the respective disorders or abnormalities. Cosmetic therapies have better impact as corrective treatments when you are relatively young.
  • The positive effect of Blepharoplasty would remain for around five years of the surgery and you may also experience the sagging effect on your skin which is an impact of aging.

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