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Male Body Contouring

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Body-Contouring Surgery for men, as its name suggests, encompasses all those operations designed to improve the overall shape and tone of the body. Whilst it obviously includes the cosmetic chest reduction surgery procedure, it is generally considered separately. However, many men do opt to have both liposculpture and chest reduction at the same time.

Why do Men Seek Body-Contouring Surgery?

Our male patients have often battled for many years to either lose weight, reduce localised fat deposits or to improve the shape and tone of their body through exercise. For many of these problems, body contouring for men is the only answer.

Which Treatments to Have?

At Nu Cosmetic Clinic, we produce a tailor-made highly individualised treatment plan for all of our patients.
Similarly, for any one patient, a combination of procedures might be recommended for different areas. It is only through a detailed consultation with an experienced Body-Contouring Surgeon are you really able to determine the best course of action for you.

The Procedures

All, except liposculpture are performed under general anaesthesia. Liposculpture is usually performed under local anaesthesia with sedation. Most take about sixty minutes to perform. Larger abdominoplasties, liposculptures or multiple procedures take longer..
Liposculpture is usually performed as a day case. Larger liposculptures and the other lifts and implants involve an overnight stay. Abdominoplasties require a two night stay.
If your work is not physical, expect to return to work within one to two weeks and you can expect to be back to normal physical exercise after six weeks.

Later Progress

As with all surgery, you must expect to feel bruised and sore. The treated areas are likely to be swollen. You may have to wear a tight support garment for several weeks. Most patients are able to fully resume normal activity within three to four weeks. Sutures will be removed after ten to fourteen days.

Maintaining Your New Shape

The very considerable benefits of these highly successful treatments to all intents and purposes are permanent. By maintaining a sensible weight, and preferably also by exercising, the patient will be doing all that they can to both maintain and even improve the result of their surgery.

Body Contouring Clinics

Nu Cosmetic Clinic have highly qualified surgeons who perform body contouring at various locations throughout the UK.

There are no befroe and after images.

What exactly is body sculpting?

Body sculpting refers to the group of procedures that involve sculpting the body into a more desirable shape. It can take a number of forms including breast surgeries, traditional surgical liposuction, VASER, Advanced Laser Lipolysis, abdominal etching and other procedures dependent on your goals.

How long does the procedure take?

Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgery can take between 1 and 4 hours.

Are the results permanent?

Yes, as all results are permanent, however if you can still gain weight in the areas in which you had the procedure, so we advise you to keep to a healthy weight and exercise regularly.

When can I go back to normal day-to-day activities?

We recommend that people take up to two weeks off work following the procedure (more if your job is particularly physical). Strenuous activities, heavy lifting and intense exercise should be avoided for about 6 weeks after your surgery.

Are there any alternatives to this surgery?

Depending on the results you are trying to achieve, there may be various surgical and non surgical options available to you. You can discuss this fully at your free consultation.

Can I combine this procedure with other surgery?

Yes, you can combine this procedure with other breast or body surgeries. You can discuss this in full at your free consultation.

Will I have altered sensation in the area?

Whenever skin is cut, nerves are also cut; this may result in altered sensation to the area, particularly at the incision site. All care will be taken to maintain sensation as much as possible.

What weight should I be for surgery?

You should be at a healthy weight for your height when you have surgery as this lowers risks related to anaesthetic. For the best aesthetic results, we recommend that you are at your ideal weight at the time of surgery as further weight loss or gain can change the results of your surgery.

When can I fly after the procedure?

You should check with your surgeon regarding safe timings of air travel following your surgery. Many airlines have their own protocols and you should inform your travel insurance company if you have had recent surgery.

We recommend that in the weeks after surgery, you are close to one of the locations Nu Cosmetic Clinic can refer you to in case you have any concerns, so foreign holidays may be best avoided until a few months after your procedure.

Am I too young/ too old for this procedure?

All clients must be at least 18 years of age to have surgery. We do not set an upper age limit for our procedures, suitability for surgery will be discussed at your free consultation with your surgeon.

Can I get a second opinion?

Yes, if you are at all unsure about what your surgeon has told you, we will be more than happy to refer you for a second free consultation with another surgeon.

Are your surgeons suitably qualified and registered?

All of the surgeons we refer you to are registered with the General Medical Council (GMC) and all relevant specialist bodies. Please feel free to ask the surgeon about his experience and qualifications at your consultation; they understand and support that this is vital information to your decision making process.

Where are your clinics?

Nu Cosmetic Clinic offers referrals to a range of locations across the UK.

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Any form of cosmetic enhancement is very personal, so prices are bespoke dependent on your individual needs. As a rough guide, you can expect to pay £2990 – £5990.


A definitive price for your procedure will be given at your free consultation with your cosmetic surgeon or relevant specialist practitioner.


Remember, we often have offers & can sometimes price match other providers, so call us on 08000 30 29 30 with any queries.



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