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Breasts are symbol of women
sex appeal and with proper breasts
one looks good and gorgeous.

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    Breasts are symbol of women sex appeal and with proper breasts one looks good and gorgeous. Breast Augmentation is best way to build confidence with a figure that you always yearned for. FDA has marked both saline and silicone gel breast implant as safe where silicone is more popular and has more natural like feel. It can be done according to
    requirement with different size and shape as different women needs particular attention.

    When Does One Need Breast Augmentation?

    Not all female need it but it is usually done by ladies who are trying to accentuate their shape and figure.

    It is mostly done by females with smaller breasts to get a proper shape and look good.

    Sometime both breasts are not of same size, in order to negotiate with
    this augmentation is done. It helps in shaping up and brings them on equal scale

    Tightening of sagging and lose breast to make it firmer.

    Make breast fuller after weight loss.

    Procedure For Breast Augmentation :

    It is done surgically and performed on the patient with use of general anaesthesia. In order to numb the patient with unconsciousness, it can also be performed with use of deep sedatives that cause nerve blockage. The methods are practised safely with less pain and quick recovery. The operation is not very complicated but need to be precise which usually takes 2 hours. After the surgery, doctor will check you routinely to ensure everything is good.

    Post Surgery Recovery Time

    The recovery time after breast augmentation depends on the type of breast surgery but in both cases it doesn’t take a long time and before you know, you are ready to dress up the gorgeous way. If the implantation is done on sub glandular side it might take few days to recover. If the surgery is sub muscularly done, it might take a week to recover. In both cases it will not take lot of time and in maximum a month, you are ready to flaunt your implantations.

    Post Surgery

    It is a surgery and there is something that is implemented on your body externally which is which discomfort for few days is absolutely normal. Post surgery there are complains about sore breast and slight pain. The pain generally is not very severe and can be controlled by medicine prescription. Immediately after the surgery it is highly recommended to rest because it takes few days to heal. If your work requires some heavy load and travel, you might not be able to go back to work post surgery. However, after 3 to 4 weeks you completely heal and will be able to continue with your daily schedule. The doctor is always there if there is any problem or guidance required.

    Before / After

    Breast-Enlargement before after
    boob job before after
    breast augmentation before after

    Patient Testimonials

    Lisette Wardle

    I was young, in my late teens when I went through the procedure. The surgery was very helpful, i never felt tensed and the entire procedure ended up pretty normal. I would say everyone should just go for it.

    Sally Jones

    After the surgery I feel like a proper woman now. It was my husband who suggested me about this surgery. After doing a lot of research about NU clinic, I finally agreed for the surgery. I never regretted after that.

    Tracey Heaton

    My surgery at NU clinic was a life changing experience for me. My experience was fantastic, the hospital, staff, surgeons were excellent. I feel like a new person both physically and mentally.

    Kerry Barton

    I regret that I should have done the surgery 20 years ago. The consultation, appointment, everything was quick. I would blindly recommend NU clinic the best place for augmentation.
    How long does a breast enlargement procedure take?
    Breast enlargement usually takes around 90 minutes. However, it varies depending on personal circumstances such as the condition of your health and potential complications.
    Are the results permanent?
    Yes, breast enlargement results are permanent. However, your breasts may change shape if you experience weight loss or get pregnant.
    Do I need time off work?
    The average recommended time away from work is one week, providing all key recovery advice is followed. However, this depends on the job and work that you do. If you do a lot of routine physical activity at work then extra time off or amended duties may be required.
    Can I fly after surgery?
    Our surgeons recommended that you do not travel for at least one week post surgery. Follow up appointments may be required after your surgery to check progress and recovery, so it is advised that you stay within travelling distance of our clinic.
    Aboutthe doctor

    Mr Shivram Singh

    Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive & Hand Surgeon
    Mr Singh is a Consultant Plastic, Reconstructive and Hand Surgeon at the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital in Birmingham. His NHS practice includes major reconstruction following Skin and Breast cancer surgeries and trauma. He is a well established microsurgeon and regularly performs microvascular reconstruction. Mr Shivram Singh began his career in Plastic Surgery in the reputed Plastic Surgery centre in Belfast. Following this, Mr Singh worked as a plastic surgeon in hospitals throughout Northern Ireland, Scotland and England as part of a formal and intensive training course. This program involved a vigorous training in General Plastic, Reconstructive & Cosmetic procedures.
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    How long does the procedure take?
    Depending on the complexity of the procedure, the surgery normally takes about 90 minutes, not including time in recovery.
    Are the results permanent?
    Yes. Results are permanent in most cases, but it depends on your lifestyle.
    How many days off work are required?
    Generally we recommend taking between 2 and 5 days off work depending on the body area.
    When can I exercise after treatment?
    We advise that no to little exercise is done for up to 2 weeks after Vaser liposuction. Then light exercise can be started with more strenuous exercise being done after 4-6 weeks.

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