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Rebeckah Vaughan

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´Nu Cosmetic spoke about what I wanted to achieve and what I was happy with!´


Rebeckah Vaughan is a Merseyside based presenter, actress and model. She recently discussed her experiences of Nu Cosmetic from a series of treatments she had received. ´I had been to Nu Cosmetic various times, and I have always been completely satisfied.´

Rebeckah chose lip augmentation (fillers) as she felt that her lips were thinner than normal. ´Having my teeth veneered gave me more confidence, but in order to show them off, I felt that I had to deal with my lips, as I was always covering my mouth.´

She chose Nu Cosmetic directly from the opinion of other clients. She felt that it was very important to hear other people’s thoughts and opinions. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were all researched, and this is what led her to have confidence in attaining a series of treatments with us. ´You can spend a lot on advertising, but it is the before and after images that patients personally post, which told me this was a really good clinic. For me, this sealed the deal.´

For Rebeckah, a good consultation is telling her what she does not want to hear. In the past, she had visited many other clinics and she felt this led to her disadvantage (as she also suffers from body dysmorphic syndrome) in the level of treatment or ethical consulting that she received (resulting in more money being spent.) ´Here, at Nu Cosmetic, they say no. I wanted Botox and fillers, even though others felt it not to be necessary. The clinic also did, and refused me these treatments. They are not afraid to say when the customer is not right. Looking back, if I had these done, then I would have a frozen forehead and trout pout, now.´

Rebeckah first starting getting cosmetic surgery 7-8 years ago. Her first experiences within a clinic were luckily positive ones. ´It was only later on, that I learnt anyone can administer Botox. (Hairdressers, beauticians or anyone.) In Nu Cosmetic clinic, everyone is a professional and registered. All the consulting staff are either doctors or nurses. This makes me feel safe.´ The company´s philosophy is only ever to employ industry professionals. All the qualifications and certificates for the clinic are on display. From operations and accreditations, to degrees and diplomas, clients old and new are welcome to inspect these at their leisure, and to their satisfaction.

Although the clinic is amply staffed, ´It´s not sales persons who work here, it´s medical professionals´ quoted Rebeckah. ´Very often the consultation opens with the cost and finance, but here the concern was with my requirements and what I would like to have. The costs were mentioned, but at the end.´ This encapsulated the ethos of Nu Cosmetic as the customer had come first, and always will.

Would Rebeckah return for another procedure? Yes, without hesitation. ´If I could describe Nu Cosmetic in three words, they would be Personal, Caring and Transparent. When I come here, they know my name. This is not a profit driven chain, it´s a clinic where the patient counts. I came today with my niece who is in reception chatting to the staff. It´s these little things that make a difference here.´


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