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South Koreans more likely to undergo cosmetic surgery

anti-wrinkle-treatments International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (ISAPS), new figures revealed this week that South Koreans are more likely to undergo the knife comparatively to their peers globally.The ISAPS figures showed that more than 15 million people decided to improve their looks by having plastic surgery.


In year 2011, 20% of Seoul women between the age of 19 to 49 admitted taking some treatment in this area.

Male breast reductions, bottom implants and ‘vaginal rejuvenations’ were most popular in Brazil whereas Rhinoplasty (nose job) is popular in Asia, with China, Japan and South Korea among the top five countries. Breast Enlargement was the most popular procedure in the USA followed by Brazil, Mexico, Italy and China.


UK came 16th globally, similar to itse position held in year 2010. Approximately 19,031 breast enlargements and 16,034 lipoplasty procedures  were performed out of 95,063 surgical procedures in 2011.


Huge jump in anti-wrinkle treatments or popularly known as BOTOX was seen across globally as its number rose by 26%.


Even after recent breast implant fiasco Breast Enlargement remains the most popular procedure as it is still a very safe procedure.


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