What is Laser Hair Removal and How does it Work?
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Treatment Feature: Laser Hair Removal

One of the most popular treatments at Nu Cosmetic clinic is laser hair removal. It has a class 4 medical laser. It is the gold standard of equipment and the best machine on the market. It was a huge investment for the group. People are impressed by it. They come here for hair removal and it works.´

A typical example of an underarm treatment shows us the essence of the procedure. In general, 6 to 8 applications are required for a minimum of 60% hair removal (maximum achievable 90%). Several yearly top up treatments are also recommended.

The sensation of laser treatment is that of a ´pin prick´. A laser light of 1.5Hz is passed over the skin and hair area, which causes the hair to swell in the follicle. Around two weeks after the treatment, the hair shrivels up into the skin, then falls out.

Due to the sensitivity of the skin and the power of the laser, aftercare is quite important. Don’t expose the treated areas to the sun, either by bathing or by sun beds and to avoid plucking, waxing, shaving and hair removal creams. Any initial and post treatment redness or swelling can be removed by Aloe Vera gel, until a reduction is visible.

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To know more about laser hair removal, please visit: https://www.nucosmeticclinic.uk/laser-treatments/body/laser-hair-removal/


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