How to Increase Breast Size through Body Fat Transfer?
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Advances in Breast Enlargement Procedure

Mrs Nothando (Noni) Zinyemba  |  RGN

Last Updated On: February 7, 2024 | Published On: November 30, 2016

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Plastic surgeries are improving their techniques at a staggering rate, as technological advances are allowing it to do so.
An example of this occurs with breast augmentation, considered one of the surgeries most widely practiced in the world. This relates to the shape, size and volume of the breasts that can be changed without the use of silicone implants.

This is possible through the transfer of body fat, an alternative that according to many is much safer and less stressful. It is done by removing fat from patient areas such as the abdomen, legs, arms and hips by liposuction to transfer to then to the breast.


Advantages to Increase Breast Size through Body Fat Transfer:

Over the years, factors such as aging, genes, weight loss or breastfeeding make breasts sag or lose volume, so it is true that for women who want to improve the appearance of their breasts, this procedure can be practiced.

Some of the advantages of not using silicone to increase breast size, but instead choosing to transfer body fat are:

  • The results look and feel more natural because the increased volume is fat, the same type of tissue that the breast is by nature.
  • They are permanent results, the duration of the fat reaches very high levels by optimising lipotransference.
  • No foreign bodies in the breast, because no silicone implants are placed.
  • No scarring, because fat is infiltrated by microinjection.
  • No hospitalisation is needed because only local anesthesia is required.
  • There is a double result, because on the one hand breast augmentation occurs, and secondly, the body areas where fat is extracted are stylised.
  • The recovery time is less than an implant – it only takes between 4 and 7 days.

What is the Procedure of Breast Fat Transfer?

This new technique fulfills the dream that some women have to increase the size of their breasts naturally, without resorting to silicone implants. This not only improves the way it also rises and increases the volume of the breasts, but also gives a very natural look. To carry out this procedure, an advanced minimally invasive technology is needed called Lipolase.

This is where the fat is removed through a fine cannula and carefully gets the fat cells of the areas used the previously determined body. After this, the fat with the strongest preserved fat cells are transferred, ensuring a high percentage of survival of these after being injected into the breasts using the processing techniques.

The good thing about this process is that no noticeable cuts are made, but only fat cells are injected into the breast through very small incisions in different parts of the breasts, to give a complete and natural appearance without implants.
Please note that before this surgery is performed, there must be enough fat in other areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms or thighs, so that in this way the best enhancement is created.

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