Eva McConville
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Eva McConville

Last Updated On: February 23, 2024 | Published On: June 10, 2015

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Patient journey

I am very slim and as a teenager never really developed any breasts.

Everyone told me that they would develop soon enough but they didn’t. In my twenties I used chicken fillets and padded bras to make me feel better and never believed I’d ever be able to afford breast implants. I was however embarrassed to wear a bathing suit or undress in front of anyone. My boyfriend always told me that he loved me as I was but I wanted the surgery for myself, not anyone else.

I was then recommended the NU Cosmetic Clinic and told about its easy payment terms. I made an appointment and attended a consultation with the surgeon. I was unsure what size implant I wanted and the surgeon advised me what would be appropriate for my frame/build. He explained that implants that were too large for my frame would potentially cause me problems in the future.

I was very excited and after paying my deposit a date was set for my surgery. You can imagine how devastated I was when a week before my scheduled surgery I was notified that due to the surgeon being concerned about a medical condition I had previously suffered he was not prepared to operate without further information/clearance from the medical professionals previously involved.

My mother convinced me that this was a good thing as it demonstrated that NU Cosmetics was not just prepared to take my money but was genuinely concerned with me as a person. It took approximately three months before I was given the all clear to go ahead with the surgery but even then NU Cosmetics arranged for me to have my surgery at a hospital with a high dependency unit as a further precaution.

The surgeon came to see me again on the morning of my surgery to carry out final checks and explained the procedure and after care necessary. He was so reassuring and any anxiety I was feeling soon disappeared.

I am now the proud owner of beautiful full breasts, in perfect proportion to my frame/build. Even better is the fact that I elected to have the allergen implants which come with a lifetime guarantee so I don’t have to worry about the future.

From start to finish the staff and surgeon at NU Cosmetic provided me with all of the help and advice I needed. Everything was clearly explained to me and I was updated throughout my delay period. They were so thorough that I was confident that my surgery only went ahead when it was safe to do so.

I fully recommend NU Cosmetic Clinic if you are considering breast implants or any other procedure. Many of my friends and family have now used this service and all are delighted with the service and the results.
Five star service.
Eva McConville
June 2013

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