Joanne Holden
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Joanne Holden

Last Updated On: February 4, 2024 | Published On: April 3, 2015

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Breast Augmentation

´The surgery has lifted my breasts and my spirit. I love my newfound confidence.´

Joanne is a 41 year old professional woman from Liverpool. She recently underwent breast augmentation with Nu Cosmetic clinic at their Manchester branch. “I needed a subtle uplift of my chest, as it was not as toned as in my younger years. I was not looking for a dramatic change, just more of fullness and tone.”

A full consultation with our medical team and surgeon suggested that Joanne´s augmentation procedure should take her from a CC to a DD/E cup size. This would give her the natural fullness that she sought. It was also recommended by the consultant that this operation is replicated every ten years, for health and aesthetic issues. The breast insert types and sizes were chosen specifically for Joanne from her requirements and consultant recommendations.

The advanced breast augmentation procedure was completed within one day. An operative time of 1.5 hours meant that Joanne was able to go home the same evening. Outwith this, an initial downtime of 3-5 days allowed Joanne to return to an almost normal routine shortly after the operation.“I had to take a few days off work, and took antibiotics as a precaution in the first instance. I was advised to not drive for several weeks (as it could invalidate my insurance), as well as avoiding the gym for 6 weeks.”

Joanne achieved a result she says is “really fantastic”. This procedure has given her more confidence within herself and her daily outlook. This opinion was also shared by her family, friends and colleagues. “The clinic provided me with a level of care and professionalism second to none, and I have had no doubt recommending them to my friends.”

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