Jocelyn Ward
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Jocelyn Ward

Last Updated On: February 4, 2024 | Published On: February 4, 2015

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´Wow, I look so young now! I am in love with the reflection I see in the mirror!´

Jocelyn Ward is from Merseyside. She recently underwent upper eye lid surgery. ´I stopped smoking and lost weight. I noticed that my eyes were not looking as sparkly as they normally did.´

She told Nu Cosmetic clinic that she always felt confident with brighter eyes as she felt they were the ´windows of the soul´. Cost was a big factor in Jocelyn´s decision also. Nu Cosmetic offered her a competitive price alongside excellent communications. She was impressed by the level of detail that that the consultation took, along with the pleasant environment of the clinic and the fact that you could actually chat with the staff easily.

´I was nervous and apprehensive but the team at Nu Cosmetic managed to put me at ease. They all did a great job, and it´s affordable. I loved chatting to the staff for reassurance and I did feel comfortable coming here. I can complain sometimes, but on this occasion, everything has been amazing.´

Around three weeks after Jocelyn´s operation, the results were tremendous. The surgeon had managed to reverse the ageing process by giving her the lift she so dearly wanted to get her sparkly eyes back. The aftercare was also very well executed with Marie calling to check her progress and answer any questions that she hay have had during her healing process.

´One night, I met a friend when I had completely healed and right away she asked me what I had done. I knew then that there must have been a noticeable improvement and my eyes stood out.´ Jocelyn loves putting her make up on again and with regards to boosting her appearance and confidence, Nu Cosmetic have really delivered on their promise.

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