Kerry Barton
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Kerry Barton

Last Updated On: February 4, 2024 | Published On: April 3, 2015

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Breast Augmentation

´I used to be conscious about my body. Now I really love my body and flaunt it with confidence.´

Kerry Barton is from the North West of England. She recently underwent breast augmentation with Nu Cosmetic clinic. ´I had been for two other consultations before I came to Nu Cosmetic clinic. When I came here and met the doctor, I knew I was going to go with them.´

Kerry was happy to find her first visit to the clinic for a consultation so positive. All the staff; from the surgeon to the nurses and the co-ordinators were friendly and polite with her requests. ´The surgeon I met was ¨straight down the line¨ he told me what would suit me best and what I could or would not need. There was no pressure.´

Kerry found her overall experience to be ´absolutely brilliant´. From the consultation and case studies review, to her time in the hospital, her patient journey was faultless. ´It was a life changing experience. I really do feel like a new person in every way.´ Kerry has no hesitation in recommending the services of Nu Cosmetic clinic and is already booking in to see another surgeon for more treatment consultations. ´ Nothing is too much trouble. A definite 10/10 with stars.´

Watch Kerrie’s Testimonial Here.

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