Leah Bransfield
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Leah Bransfield

Last Updated On: February 3, 2024 | Published On: September 15, 2015

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Breast Augmentation

´The confidence makes you feel more womanly´

Leah Bransfield is from Birminghamshire. She recently underwent breast augmentation with Nu Cosmetic in Birmingham. ´I had a couple of consultations in the past, but this time with Nu Cosmetic it seemed much better.´ Leah liked the way in which her consultation was performed. ´ They seemed more thorough, they measured me better, used skin clamps and other equipment. It all seemed really comprehensive.´

Leah was also impressed by the patience that was afforded with her after the consultation. Previously, she was constantly contacted by clinics for a decision or a confirmation, but with Nu Cosmetic she was free to simply ´go away and make her mind up in her own time.´ For her this was a very welcome gesture.

On the day of the initial consultation, the environment and staff were very professional and really calming. ´I submitted my details on-line, and I was asked to go through to Birmingham for a consultation with one of the surgeons.´ Leah said that previously she had to book to see the administration staff / nurses, then make another appointment to see the surgeon. But, with Nu Cosmetic it was all done at the same time.

The communications policy at Nu Cosmetic allowed Leah to keep in constant touch with the staff regarding her procedure. ´Even when I changed my mind about my breast size, they were more than happy to re-discuss this with me. The consultant was always on hand.´

Aftercare was also given a high level of consideration. Leah was impressed by the fact that ´The surgeon and nursing staff called me every day to see how I was progressing and if there were any problems.´ This was in addition to the series of aftercare appointments that Leah was attending.

Leah is delighted to be able to recommend Nu Cosmetic´s services as she found them to produce great results, be really professional and available for advice (even two years on!) ´The operation has left me a lot more confident, now I can wear nice clothes and underwear. I am pleased with my body image as it has left me more in proportion with my hips and frame.´

Leah is a growing number of women that currently underwent breast augmentation with Nu Cosmetic clinic. With an enviable record of outstanding results and customer service, there could not be a better time to book a free consultation from one of our clinics throughout the United Kingdom.

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