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Lisette Wardle

Last Updated On: February 4, 2024 | Published On: April 3, 2015

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Breast Augmentation

´The surgery has really transformed me, from the outside and from deep within!´

Lisette is from the North West of England. She recently underwent breast augmentation with Nu Cosmetic clinic. ´It is something that I have always wanted to have had done. I was relatively young when I had it at 19, but even before then it was a real desire.´

Like many other women, Lisette was not happy with her chest size. She wanted to dress up in flattering clothes and feel sexy and confident, but felt that this would only be possible by giving nature a helping hand.

She booked in for a no obligation consultation with Nu Cosmetic at their Liverpool clinic. Lisette explained that it was the initial consultation that confirmed it all for her. ´There was no pressure. The consultant explained the whole procedure to me. I knew then, at the consultation I was making the right decision and this was for me. It set my mind up and I was ready to go forward.´

Additional support and opinions are always welcome when investigating cosmetic surgery. Lisette took her mother along (who was originally against the procedure) to the consultation, and she left happy and safe in the knowledge that she would be well looked after.

´The surgeon went over implant sizes and options for me, which I really liked. He explained that if my new breasts were too big then the operation would be difficult to perform, and in addition to this, it would stretch my skin. He took my height and weight and gave my examples which would give me an increase in size, but in a reasonable and natural proportion with my body frame.´

The build up to the operation posed no issues for Lisette. Constant communication with question and answer sessions helped to dispel any doubts she had regarding the procedure or the results.

The operation was over in a day, and all the usual aspects of aftercare were offered and adhered to by Lisette. ‘Once the swelling went down, I recovered really quickly. I had made some research on healing times before, but it really does vary from person to person. I was lucky with the care and attention I got.

The success of Lisette´s surgery has prompted two more of her friends to have the procedure performed. ‘Go for it. If you want to have it done, then do it. Don´t let anyone put you off. A consultation with Nu Cosmetic will confirm all this to you, like it did to me.´

Lisette is another success story from the clinic. Her treatment and results prompted several of her friends to follow suit with breast augmentation. With free consultations and numerous case studies of successful procedures, there could not be a better time to make an appointment to see us and to realise a Nu you.

Watch Lisette’s Testimonial Here.

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