How to treat cellulite? Is Liposuction Helpful for Cellulite Removal?
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The Myth and Reality of Liposuction – How it Does Work to Remove Cellulite?

Mrs Nothando (Noni) Zinyemba  |  RGN

Last Updated On: February 15, 2024 | Published On: August 5, 2016

Are you looking for a remedy to cellulite? Then you have reached the right place to get all your answers. With this post, we are solemnly determined to tell you nothing but the truth. There are a lot of speculations in regards to the myth and reality of liposuction – How it does work to remove cellulite. Today we will break all of the rules and will spill the beans to make it easier for you to understand how all this works.

This Article Covers:

The reality of liposuction – How it does work to remove cellulite?

It has been noted that about 90% of women suffer from cellulite and that they are prone to fall prey to it at some time or the other. This may be the most ruthless truth but you ladies need to pay attention to it. Another fact is cellulite is located under the skin and liposuction cannot reach this area. This means, a big no, liposuction cannot treat cellulite. Liposuction is a process that suctions body fat out of the body.

It is one of the most recommended and opted ways to remove body fat that costs anything in between $1,500 – $7,500, but sadly enough is helpless when it comes to cellulite. If truth be told, then it has to be added that it may worsen your cellulite because skin gets loosened once fat is removed. Liposuction can shape, slim or sculpt the body but fails to reduce cellulite. However, there are remedies that if undergone along with liposuction can bring in good results.

Some myths busted about cellulite

Besides whether liposuction can remove cellulite or not, there are a lot of myths that need to be addressed along with this query. Some of these can enlighten you for once, so read them carefully:

  • Myth – Latest technology can be used treat cellulite
    Truth – We are far away from that as of now
  • Myth – You can gain regain weight after liposuction
    Truth – Not exactly in the same areas and unless you gain 30% weight
  • Myth – Only women suffer from cellulite
    Truth – To some extent is true but 10% of men even suffer from cellulite
  • Myth – Cellulite is the result of toxins in the body
    Truth – Not at all and in fact they are caused by fat deposits
  • Myth – Skin tightening lasers are going to replace things like facelifts
    Truth – Technology is not predictable and there are no ways to guarantee that. However laser treatments are   getting smarter and more non invasive, people are looking forward to it
  • Myth – Cellulite has nothing to do with age
    Truth – On the contrary it does and as women age, estrogen production starts decreasing which means less     blood circulation
  • Myth – Cellulite can affect overweight women
    Truth – Very wrong as well toned women can suffer with cellulite
  • Myth – A good skin firming cream can work wonders
    Truth – No and chances are high that they are just a waste of money

How to treat cellulite?

In conjunction with liposuction you need to undergo body wraps, mesotherapy or surgical skin tightening in order to reduce skin from getting sagged. This is a must because you would like to look your best after an expensive surgery like a liposuction. Chances are high if you have undergone the surgery that you are working on your looks, so why not look the best of yourself while in the mood for it! There are other ways of staying away from cellulite like:

  • Maintaining a balanced diet can help
  • Following a proper exercise routine can be of great assistance
  • Drinking plenty of water should be made a compulsory habit
  • Wearing comfortable underwear can be a solution

Now that you know about the myth and reality of liposuction – How it does work to remove cellulite so much and in details, isn’t it time to get busy? Busy with approaching a good aesthetic clinic that will help you further with your queries. In fact, reaching a clinic can clarify more for you as you will have trained staff offer you more solutions based on latest technology. Yes, technology has made it possible to lose weight by non invasive procedures. So, cellulite is not that big a thing to be troubled with these days. Go and give yourself that much awaited makeover you have been dreaming of!    

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