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Safety Checklist for travelers seeking plastic surgery

Last Updated On: February 9, 2024 | Published On: February 13, 2013

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With improved travel connectivity and technological advancement in many countries it is becoming easier to mix your holiday sightseeing with a boob job or tummy tuck.  However, at times we need to consider the pros and cons carefully and hence Nu Cosmetic has drawn a checklist for people considering a surgery aboard.

What is the doctor’s training?

A gynecologist performing a breast enlargement is not a suitable choice. Look for plastic & reconstructive surgeons instead.

Is the plastic surgeon certified?

The ISAPS website lists the names of more than 2000 plastic surgeons from 90+ countries. ISAPS certification ensures that they are meeting international standards as it is only granted after extensive screening to each individual.

Is the plastic surgeon’s clinic and hospital facility certified?

In UK all clinic facility are certified by CQC, similarly other countries have their own or similar regulations in place. Ask for certification information and who the certifying body is and if require check with them directly.

Does your personal individual health insurance cover you outside your country if you are going abroad for surgery?

Most health insurance providers do not cover individuals for surgery performed outside their country of residence. Actively obtaining International Medical Coverage will be essential for your own safety.

What about aftercare?

Patients should stay in the nearby area where the surgery was performed for at least one week, depending on the procedure so that if require you can be given the medical attention by the surgeons or hospital. Find out what will happen once you return to your home country and you need aftercare.

Nu Cosmetic regularly receives calls from people who had surgery aboard e.g. breast enlargement needing urgent medical attention.

What about post-operative complications and how they will manage the revision procedure if required?

Have you checked their references and past work?

Consider asking names and contact information of patients who have recently had a similar procedure and contact them. Ask them to share their own experience with the surgeon, associated staff, aftercare facilities and post-operative follow up.

You can also consider asking how they handled if any complication arose.

What about the language barrier and do they speak the language you are comfortable in?

If you cannot be easily understood, you will have to explain hard if any complication arises.

Who will be you main point of contact all through the journey?

You should be talking directly with the surgeon’s staff and the concerned surgeon itself.

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