Vanessa Johnson
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Vanessa Johnson

Last Updated On: February 23, 2024 | Published On: October 27, 2015

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Patient Journey

Vanessa Johnson is from the North West of England. She recently underwent Rhinoplasty with Nu Cosmetic clinic. ¨The whole journey of me wanting to have my nose done comes from when I was 10-11 in school and someone called me Pinocchio.¨

This playground incident had an effect on Vanessa´s confidence throughout her teenage years. She would often be found researching surgical information and discussing it with her parents. On the day of her 18th birthday, she decided to have it done, armed with a wealth of information.

¨I booked 2 consultations with other clinics, but I felt disappointed as they said the nose job would not necessarily change my opinion of my appearance.¨ It was one of her friends posting a picture on social media that drew her attention to Nu Cosmetic clinic. ¨She had something done, she looked amazing, and so I called her to find out. It was a nose job with Nu Cosmetic, and I decided that was where I had to go

From the moment Vanessa came into the clinic, she said that the atmosphere and ethic felt right. From start to finish, she found the whole experience very professional.¨ All the staff there knew how much this meant to me, and how much I wanted to feel more confident.¨

One of the strongest memories of her experience was that she could keep returning for more information and opinions, with friends and family.¨ I had five consultations before the operation so I really felt like I knew the surgeon. It was like a little family.¨

Keen to share her experiences with others, Vanessa has some ready tips about to Rhinoplasty and the procedure which she feels are important. ¨You have to do research and listen to other people and know what’s practical. What will work and what will look best on you. Take time to listen to other people’s opinion

Vanessa is delighted to recommend her experience. From the consultation to the after care and the ethic of the staff to the final result. ¨I want to say this so other people can feel the way I do. I am delighted with Nu Cosmetic.¨

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