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What Is An Abdominoplasty?

Last Updated On: February 15, 2024 | Published On: November 27, 2014

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Although abdominoplasty can be a mouthful to pronounce or spell, you can probably guess what this cosmetic procedure is about from just the first two letters. This procedure is focused on improving the abdominal region. Specifically, an advanced abdominoplasty surgery can be used to tighten the ab muscle. It can also be used to remove excess amounts of skin or fat on the stomach. The goal of this surgery is to improve both the firmness and shape of the whole stomach region.

An Actual Solution for Stubborn Belly Fat

Countless men and women all across the globe want flatter stomachs. Because flat tummies are constantly portrayed in movies, TV shows and other forms of media, the desire for a flat stomach is immense. And because so many people feel like they won’t be truly happy until their ab fat is gone, a huge industry has sprung up around catering to this desire.

Selling people ways to lose belly fat and get defined abs has become a massive industry. But the unfortunate reality is even though people are spending their hard earned money on all kinds of products, pills and programs, it’s simply not possible to target fat loss to a specific area of the body. Whether it’s the stomach or another area like the thighs, no amount of specialized exercise is guaranteed to shed fat from a certain spot.

Because genetics play a huge role in where fat accumulates, many people are simply going to end up with fat deposits in unwanted areas despite their best efforts to lose it.

Regardless of what a late night commercial may say, if your primary goal is to specifically target fat on your stomach, a cosmetic procedure is the only proven method for doing so. And even though an abdominoplasty does require an extended recovery period, many people are happy to make this sacrifice in exchange for the type of body they truly want.

What You Need to Know About Having An Abdominoplasty

There are three different versions of this procedure. Those versions are a mini, full or extended abdominoplasty. A mini simply removes fat, while a full also tightens the abdominal skin and muscle. And an extended abdominoplasty takes the full procedure and also extends it to the thighs.

In most cases, recovering from this procedure requires staying in the hospital for a few days. After that, ongoing soreness and tightness is normal. As your doctor will explain, it’s important to avoid strenuous activities like lifting for at least six weeks.

Like all significant surgeries, there are risks associated with an abdominoplasty. Not only will your surgeon explain these potential risks in detail, but your surgeon will also thoroughly evaluate you to ensure that you’re a good fit for having a mini, full or extended abdominoplasty done.

Since an abdominoplasty is a major medical procedure, it’s vital to have it done by an experienced professional. If you want to discuss this surgery in detail and be evaluated for your suitability as a candidate, the best way to start is by scheduling an appointment with a qualified cosmetic surgeon.

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