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Anita Ramos

Breast Augmentation

´This has been a fantastic journey which has taken my confidence to a whole new level !´

Anita is a mother of three children who recently underwent breast augmentation, after having breast fed and nursed each one. “After my last child (I breastfed three in total), I wanted augmentation, purely for me and my confidence.” She was impressed by the wealth of information given in website and social media channels of Nu Cosmetic clinic. The real life case studies helped Anita to make an initial consultation with one of our Doctors. “Unlike other Doctors and clinics, the surgeon was most open and responsive to my questions and comments. This, as well as the calm and caring environment within the clinic, really put me at ease.”

The doctor heard Anita’s story in detail and after examination explained about the right procedure which will offer the desired solution. “There was no rush, at all. I was able to ask many questions and I got full answers and descriptions. This continued to make me feel at ease. Also, the fee for breast augmentation surgery was extremely reasonable for the quality and level of service I received.”

Anita´s family and friends were initially unsure of her having the procedure. “There are so many padded bras and options in the marketplace, and I know that I could have used these. But I wanted a solution that could take my confidence to a whole new level. After my surgery when I bought a lovely dress and we all went out one night, that was when everyone noticed the difference and they all just loved it!”

Anita feels like she has been on a “fantastic journey” which has taken her appearance and her confidence to a new level. “I fully understood the process of what was getting done, and there was constant communication. This put me at ease, and that is why I would totally recommend Nu Cosmetic clinic.”


Watch Anita’s Testimonial Here.

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