Ellie Experience After Breast Surgery in Nu Cosmetic Clinic UK
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Ellie Review

Breast Enlargement Surgery Review by Ellie

Breast Enlargement Surgery Review by Ellie

Q. Why did you want surgery?

A. Being quite slim, I had always wanted to have a more rounded feminine figure. For many years I tried diet and exercising, but nothing seemed to be working, so surgery was the only option.


Q. What made you decide to use Nu Cosmetic?

A. Before the surgery I made a marketing research via the net. Nu Cosmetic clinic had very positive reviews.


Q. Was there an obvious advantage or anything specific that made us stand out in some way?

A. First and foremost, I was impressed with the high level of the surgeon’s (Dr Cajano) competence demonstrated at the consultation. Besides, Nu clinic offered the financial loan scheme, a chauffeur service, the earliest possible surgery slot. At the end of consultation I knew exactly what will be achieved and when.


Q. Explain the consultation process and how it made you feel?

A. The atmosphere was very relaxed. The client coordinator Louise was very friendly, informative and flexible. Dr Cajano, despite the exceptionally great flow of clients on the day, showed his enthusiasm and high competence. All questions were answered in full.


Q. How was the professionalism from the consultants and staff?

A. The consultant and staff demonstrated high level of professionalism.


Q. What’s your opinion of service you’ve received?

A. I’m very pleased with the service I’ve received and would highly recommend using Nu clinic.


Q. What did you find the most valuable part of the service we offered?

A. The most valuable part is the quality of the procedure I underwent and the end result.


Q. What’s the single most important benefit that you’ve gotten from the service etc.? Please quantify the results, if possible.

A. All the set targets were achieved: I’ve got the breast size and shape I wanted which passed unnoticed to the majority of people I know. As a result, I feel more feminine and confident.


Q. What three words best describe the service you received from Nu?

A. Quality, professional approach, amazing result.


Q. What did you like best about Nu?

A. Professionalism and flexibility.


Q. What’s the one thing that you want me to take away from your thoughts on using Nu Cosmetic?

A. Quality service.


Q. Can you share the experience after the surgery – reaction from friends and family?

A. My aim was to get a more feminine look without evident changes. Luckily nobody really noticed anything, but I overheard men at work talking about me as being feminine. It was a great compliment for someone who used to have a boyish angular figure! And now I can wear revealing tops and bikini!


Q. How did you find the aftercare?

A. The aftercare was good. I was being looked after after the op and was regularly contacted by the staff.


Q. Why would you recommend Nu Cosmetic?

A. If you use Nu Cosmetic, you will receive top-notch service and get excellent results.


Q. How has Nu Cosmetic changed your life?

A. I feel more confident, attractive and feminine.


Q. In one paragraph please explain the whole experience from start to finish with Nu Cosmetic?

A. I received a first-class service from Nu Cosmetic, with a great result – a natural feminine look was achieved.


Q. Anything else you’d like to say or add?

A. I would like to thank you ever so much for making people’s dreams come true.