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Natalie Jones

Breast Augmentation

´I got the extra boost that I needed. I feel so confident and feminine now!´

Natalie is mother to a young family, living in Merseyside. Recently, she underwent breast augmentation at the Nu Cosmetic hospital. “Before I had my kids, I was low on confidence and this was due to my breasts. After having kids, this condition worsened and I really desired a bigger chest, as well as a lift.”

After making hours of research and attending a few local consultations, Natalie booked in for a consultation with one of Nu Cosmetic Clinic’s specialist surgeons. “The information available online for Nu Cosmetic was great. I could relate to the real life stories and gauge the excellent feedback and satisfaction from other clients.”

Natalie met with a surgeon for the consultation. This involved discussing the procedure, along with the associated features and benefits. “I felt like he knew me as a person, and could relate to exactly what I wanted”. This was in contrast to other clinics Natalie visited, where she claimed it was more about what “they” wanted to perform and not “what was right for me” coupled with several unwanted follow up calls trying to force a decision.

Previously, a combination of breast uplift and enhancement was advised. However a consultation with our surgeon advised only one procedure. Natalie was delighted with this, as the healing time and financial impact would be lessened. She booked in to the hospital, where she had the procedure completed and was able to go home the same day.

The aftercare and the follow up appointments helped to minimise any scars or issues that she may have had. Normal post-operative suggestions were also given as to minimise any damage from exercising or lifting. “The aftercare was just as good as the consultation. They were brilliant, they’re at the phone whenever you need them.”

Natalie says, “My advice is to do your research, meet with the surgeons and you´ll know when the time is right. I am here today because it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.”


Watch Natalie’s Testimonial Here.

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