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Experience the unparalleled expertise and care you can ever remember besides the desirable body outline that makes you feel great about your own self. Just remind yourself about your worth and know that the best is just around.

Cosmetic Surgery Birmingham Team

Trusting our team becomes your strength and you would be happier to choose the nearby location when you know our presence across UK in prominent locations. More importantly, it is our team’s caliber coupled with passion to care is something that could impress you more. Our expertise in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures enhancing the heath and outlook of your overall body, hair, skin and breasts would give a fine impression of a cosmetic center for comprehensive care and therapy. To contact us is just a click away if you are seeking further relevant information.

The Services

The basket of services from which you get to choose are designed based on the demand as well as the real-time need which can reflect only by proactive care and outcome driven treatment solutions. Do stop by and look around for the range of specialized cosmetic solutions we offer at our Birmingham Clinic. There would be little to disappoint and more to excite you for sure. Take a glance at the brief description of all our services and read further for more clarity on your favorite therapies.

Vaser Liposuction

It’s a treatment option with highly advanced equipment applying some of the latest technology applications. It aims at removing the excess from your body in a very targeted and focused manner. Being target focused and specific to a particular body region makes it special and unique. You can simply trust the sophistication it brings along while facilitating an optimally pain-free and minimally invasive procedure. Vaser Liposuction has global recognition and its ability to enhance your body shape and impression is simple commendable. The finer details of our Birmingham Clinic’s therapy process and its host of benefits would compel you to easily relate it with your body type.
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Hair Transplant Surgery

The imperative of several cosmetic therapy options being referred as restorative solutions is completely justified in the success of Hair Transplant. It’s your right bet against balding and the best part of it is that you would opt for it as a long term solution. The treatment provisions and prospects of credible outcome are in line with the high degree expectations you could carry about transplant as a technically advanced cosmetic treatment solution. We offer both FUT and FUE Transplant Procedures, giving you more choice. You can make a well informed decision by knowing the intricacies of the therapy process and variable outcomes of respective techniques at our Birmingham Clinic.
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Breast Augmentation/Enlargement

Cosmetic Breast Enlargement is the most acceptable and recommended solution for under developed Breasts in women. With the unique benefits and advantages of a Breast Augmentation Procedure, you can cheer up and look out for a new life filled with new kind of hope. The success rate of effective enlargement treatments is pretty high and it is hidden in the smart placement of Breast Implants. They are designed to provide a well contoured shape and structure to your Breasts which otherwise used to be an impossible thing to even dream about. At Birmingham Clinic, you can experience something called as a transformative change that can be confidently visualized about yourself.
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Breast Implant Replacement

There are certain reasons why you may have to consider Breast Implant Replacement. One of it could be using them for long time, giving a worn off impression. At times, you may opt for minor changes after several months followed by a successful enlargement surgery. You can simple contact our Birmingham support center for Cosmetic Breast Health and share your concerns about your implants. You can also expect a very caring and supportive environment apart from technical assistance from our Breast Health experts who can support you with the right direction, while you can always make your choice from various options.
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Breast Reduction

There is no ambiguity or second thought that Breast Augmentation or Enlargement is the popular therapy on demand. However, at times it could be otherwise as you may want to consider the option of Breast Reduction to attain an overall positive impression with suitable size and positioning of Breasts that could match your body type. The Birmingham Clinic for Breast Health and Development has a comprehensive overview and approach towards cosmetic therapies based on multiple priorities and your personal choice always matters. All you need to know is that we have an apt and suitable solution for quite a few concerns pertaining to your cosmetic health and external appearance. You never know, Breast Reduction Therapy could make you more adorable.
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Breast Uplift

Sagging Breasts are not impressive and definitely not comfortable by any measure; your ideal shape and size of Breasts are indeed defined by how they appear externally. Stiff and firm Breasts positioned at the ideal location on your chest would boost your confidence and personality. If you think that you don’t count yourself as someone with ideal feminine Breasts, you can pretty much find the right answers and smart solutions at our Birmingham Clinic. Breast Uplift could also be offered as a combination therapy along with Breast Augmentation or any other relevant cosmetic procedure as well. Seek the best possible advice and solutions from the experts in Breast Care and Cosmetic Therapies about setting long range goals and opting for long lasting solutions.
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Areola/Nipple Reduction

It is very common for you to come across abnormalities in the bust crease because of the inappropriate positioning of the Nipples or Areola. In many situations that are found to be larger in size than desired measures, impacting the Breast’s appearance which otherwise is perfect in many ways. In such situations, you don’t have to go in for a major reconstructive procedure like Augmentation or Reduction Sugary. We recommend simpler measures of Nipple or Areola Reduction at our Birmingham Clinic, and you can easily locate our specialty centers in all major cities of UK.
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Laser Hair Removal

Striking balance between Skin Care and Hair Growth can be an easy affair with Laser Hair Removal, it is meant for everyone who thinks non-surgical permanent solutions are the way to go about it. Laser therapy for Hair Removal hardly consumes your time but remains effective for a very long time, saving you all the repetitive efforts and precious time. Though it is popularly called as Hair Removal, the objective of this treatment is to prevent the growth of new hair over the skin. You have multiple benefits to experience by opting for the range of advanced treatment solutions offered at Nu Cosmetic Clinic’s Birmingham Center.
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Dolly is a qualified nurse and has been working in cosmetic surgery industry for over 20 years. She has worked in acute theatre nursing for over 20 year. She also helped clients to make right decisions about Breast Enlargement, Rhinoplasty, Blepharoplasty, Abdominoplasty and other cosmetic surgery procedures.

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Thanks to technological advances, a lasting, convenient, quick and effective hair removal system has been developed known as Medical Photo-epilation. Now you can get rid of unwanted hair with IPL Lasers, a safe and long lasting solution.

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